Smith's Leather Balm


The finest all natural leather balm - handmade in Maine by the Smith family

Restore, preserve, and protect your heirloom quality smooth leather goods 

Perfect for our bags, which are made with harness leather (tanned with natural oils) Also great for shoes, motorcycle seats, upholstery, belts and more.


Ingredients ::

organic cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil 


Directions ::

clean and dry the leather. test a small amount of balm in a hidden spot on the leather to preview the results. the balm is best applied with your hands, massage a very small amount into the leather - a little goes a long way.  you can also use a rag.  leather will darken a little but shouldn't darken more than its original color. 


Size : 1 oz of balm in a reusable tin


* do not use on suede

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