our vegetable tanned leather hand painted with indigo, alkanet and gold

our vegetable tanned leather hand painted with indigo, alkanet and gold

A+J items are designed to capture the inherent beauty of

raw natural materials.

The purity and quality of the materials lend

natural character to each item.


Our pure beeswax comes from a little honey farm down the road from our workshop. Depending on the plants that the bees visit, the wax will carry a variety of colors and scents.  The wax is minimally filtered, and contains pieces of propolis and pollen from the hive.  As beeswax is exposed to air, it develops a “bloom,” a white film, which is a sign of purity.


Our linen comes from a small family-owned mill in E. Europe. The looms are about 90 years old, and they produce rough woven textures from pure local flax.  A+J bags are designed to feature the linen’s beautiful selvedge edge.  Linen is always grown organically, is naturally anti-microbial, and has a beautiful fresh smell. We hand wash the linen to preshrink it and to give it extra texture.


Our waxed canvas is from a 90 year old family-owned local mill.  Canvas is coated with food grade wax to make it function and age like leather.  To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or hose off.


Our leather is vegetable tanned with organic material, such as leaves and bark. Light-colored natural leather will darken with age.  We treat the leather with our homemade mixture of plant oil and local beeswax.  We never waste material - scraps are handcut for tags, leather washers and lacing.


Rivets are made from pure copper and are hand cut and hammered to add strength.  They develop a beautiful patina with time.


We mix our own plant dye solutions and apply by dipping or hand painting.