A + J workbench || raw linen, leather, and copper

our bags feature the inherent beauty of the finest natural materials ::


Our leather is sourced from a historic Pennsylvania vegetable tannery - one of only two that remains in the United States.  The tannery was founded in 1867 and still practices the same eco-friendly craft processes. Our leather is treated with plant tannins (including mimosa bark) in a process that takes 60 days. Generally, only 10% of leather on the market is vegetable tanned, and we researched for years to find a local source. The leather is finished with natural oils and waxes for incredible strength and durability. The process highlights the leather's natural grain, and encourages a rich patina with use. We never waste material - scraps are handcut for our tags, leather washers and lacing.

CARE : wipe with a damp cloth, inside and out.  Use a natural leather cream as desired. Leather will show marks from wear and age beautifully.


Our linen comes from a small family-owned mill in Belarus - E. Europe. The looms are over 100 years old, and they produce rough woven textures from local flax.  Our bags are designed to feature the linen’s beautiful selvedge edge - the natural edge of the weaving. Linen is always organic, anti-microbial, and has a beautiful fresh smell. We hand wash the linen to preshrink it and to enhance the handloomed texture. The linen will soften with use.  

CARE :  hand wash cold with mild detergent, air dry.  


Waxed canvas originated in the sailing industry and is the original water-resistant fabric.  Cotton canvas is coated with food grade wax to make it function and age like leather.  The material has beautiful wrinkles that give it texture and character.   Our waxed canvas is from a 90 year old family-owned local mill. Our bags are also lined in waxed canvas, which makes them extra functional, durable, and easy to clean.

CARE : wipe with a damp cloth.  You can re-wax every other year to maintain water resistance with a product like Otter Wax.


Rivets are solid pure copper and are hand cut.  The rivets are permanent, as the copper is molded onto itself as it is hammered. We source our rivets from a small business in Pennsylvania. Copper develops a beautiful patina with time.


Our thread is also sourced from a Pennsylvania small business. It is thick and bonded, a step beyond standard military thread. The stitch ends are carefully melted together to prevent fraying or unraveling. 


Leather, linen, and canvas are dipped and hand painted with hand mixed plant dye from natural pigments including indigo, alkanet, and turmeric. 


Our minimally filtered beeswax comes from a honey farm down the road.  We blend the wax with pure plant oils to make a leather treatment.  We also pour beeswax candles and offer a fresh apothecary line for local shops and friends.